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Work a lot
New York, NY | 2013 | VERIFIED INTERN


Best aspect was the weekly homework because you were assured you would learn something.


My least favorite part of the internship is how impatient and unhappy people can get. I think there's a value in keeping one's problems to oneself.

Advice to Potential Interns

I think if you want to to work in banking and not get yelled at when you're at work you should work here. People are kind, they treat you with as much respect as you can expect, and they try their best to help you when they can. I think they are not very good at explaining "WHY" certain things happen in the workplace- such as why you're working on a project in one manner as opposed to another, so you're going to have to break down some barriers if you really want to learn something more valuable than how to put pictures on a page or link numbers between different excel tabs.

Advice to Management

I think they need to do more diversity inclusion in the workplace. This is not a very diverse setting and the fact that management is very hush hush about it makes that worse.

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