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A Great Chance to Experience Being an Analyst Full Time
New York, NY | 2012 | VERIFIED INTERN


Exposure to all levels of firm, including founding partners, and the nature of the work done -- highly stimulating


The fact that you are only there for a short time limits the amount you can really get involved -- it's a balance between exposure (which was great) and not becoming so integral that your departure tanks the project

Advice to Potential Interns

The key is to be really enthusiastic and hard-charging over the 10-week period. It sounds cliché, but every piece of work you do needs to be excellent. If you show an interest, the team at Centerview is really willing to teach you.

Advice to Management

I think greater clarity around exit opportunities would be helpful. Not as relevant to us as interns, but in making a full-time decision, it's important to know that you have the firm's backing in where you go. People do go on to great opportunities, but it could be more formal is all.

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