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Phoenix, AZ | 2013 | VERIFIED INTERN


Hands on experience and working with the MA professionals


Training was interesting, but did not help with the technical aspects of the job. It would have been nice to only have been training for several days instead of a whole week.

Advice to Potential Interns

Get to know your co-workers, the people are the best part of the company and don't be afraid to ask questions

Advice to Management

There were glitches with the interview process - I was told I would be contacted for a second interview but never was. Three days before I was told the Phx office interviews were I had to contact the HR person to find out if I would be getting another interview. After exchanging emails I was finally able to set up an interview date, but was not informed of the interview time until three hours before my interview. Overall, it was unorganized and frustrating. Once I finally made it to the interview it was very professional and organized, but the recruiting process left much to be desired. Once starting, my end date was entered wrong and I my compensation was put in lower than the rate on my offer letter. Other than those glitches, everything has been wonderful.

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