Best Internet & Social Media Companies

Best Internet & Social Media Companies

Vault now ranks the best Computer Hardware, Computer Software and Internet & Social Media companies. Use our rankings to research potential employers and find the best fit for you. 

Top Ranked

2014 Rank 2013 Rank Change Company Score Location
1 NR GOOGLE INC. 8.75 Mountain View, CA
2 NR FACEBOOK, INC. 8.75 Menlo Park, CA
3 NR Twitter, Inc. 8.75 San Francisco, CA
4 NR Youtube, LLC 8.25 Mountain View, CA
5 NR Linkedin Corporation 8.25 Mountain View, CA
6 NR Groupon, Inc. 7.75 Chicago, IL
7 NR AMAZON.COM, INC. 7.75 Seattle, WA
8 NR ZYNGA INC. 7.50 San Francisco, CA
9 NR Aol Inc. 7.25 New York, NY
10 NR YELP INC. 7.25 San Francisco, CA

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