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BRUTAL, Hostile, INEPT, and corrupt driving off a bleeding money cliff

1.0 of 5 stars

December 2017 | FORMER EMPLOYEE


Many locations in some key tech center locations, some smart people,


Organizations are social and cultural structures that ultimately reflect the people inside. This place is a text book example of competency without comprehension. There may be many “engineers” with many years of experience but its staggering how these people in key tech center cities can’t function professionally enough to contribute to any kind of product execution. The MO is that they are so sure they are better or smarter than the next person (or any outsider) despite incredible gaps in knowledge, skills and processes outside of their immediate spheres. Deaf, dumb a blind to reality they relentlessly and aggressively trip over their own egos - classic example of Dunning Kurger. This is a recipe for chaos and the culture is about as toxic as it gets. The primary behavior is fear, they all align to a hierarchical pecking order and compete in faking expertise and competing in sycophancy. The hostility I experienced over a short amount of time makes these the worst clients/colleagues I have witnessed in my 10+ year career across multiple industries.
I was a contractor over a period of time to bring a product to life working with team members in offices in Chicago. Seattle and San Francisco. My meetings largely consisted of hours and hours of calls and even in person sessions where multiple people would loudly talk over each other, and contradict each other endlessly. The one who wins the room only does so because eventually someone relented. It was grotesquely absurd.
If you tried to wrangle the room, the misunderstandings, or manage these poor communication habits they absolutely got belligerent and retaliated. They tried to find ways to be as belittling as possible, even it it clearly is a set back to any established shared project goal. Any new person or outsider had to be put in their place never mind the progress or key information that had to be gathered in order to actually move forward on a critical task. Deaf, dumb and blind to reality - there is no sense of basic collaboration or cooperation anywher


An average interaction showed a complete lack of dignity, a barrage of rude, insulting and disrespectful comments, pointless interruptions, and unrealistic demands. Perpetuating this, including witnessing and ignoring it, is shameful and abusive behavior, creates a hostile environment and is poison in any group scenario. Its very toxic and ugly and the fact this has gone on so long is astounding.
Its really embarrassing to consider that these people charge exorbitant amounts of money to consult anyone on their business, technology or innovation needs. All they know how to to do is talk up each others expense accounts and all the expensive flights and restaurants they go to on company dime. They can’t and don’t actually execute on anything because there is no follow through and that skill and expertise just isn’t there. In addition to taking up their expenses, abusing vendors with arbitrary and chaotic daily demands seems to be their competitive sport. They spend so much energy talking in circles and getting caught up in a false sense of superiority. All ego and ZERO substance.
There are mission goals on the front door. Its truly laughable superficial propaganda that clearly no one is actually held to, understands or cares about. There is absolutely no leadership and no ethics - only petty political posturing - ineptitude competing for visibility, bloated bonuses and expense accounts, taking credit for other peoples work and so much fear. This place is ugly, hostile, abusive and needlessly brutal, just like its people.
They need to seriously reconsider who they are hiring and if they are truly capable of a task outside of falling in line to big fish politics and delusions of relevance and not a drop of competence. Its a cycle of failure and they totally deserve it.

BPM - Better People Matter - I have my doubts and so should you

1.0 of 5 stars



Seemingly nice interview style with recruiter. Heard of such good treatment of worker and potential worker there.


The part about BPM = Better People Matter is an utter sham.

Lack of transparency and openness like you would never believe possible.


Be careful , extra careful if applying there.

Possibly the most distasteful and just downright strangeness of dealing with the recruiter there. Very sweet on the surface but just so incredibly lacking , I believe in respect to average working Americans.

I would urge caution as I was not treated with basic respect during the interview process.

Executive in Management

0.7 of 5 stars

Chicago, IL | 2014 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE


BCG Chicago is in free fall . . . let's see when we hit bottom

Entry-level in Strategy

1.4 of 5 stars

Los Angeles, CA | 2012 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE






If your career goal is a mid-management position at a large corporation, BCG will give you a couple of years head start