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Experienced in IT Operations & Implementation
Chicago, IL | 2013 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE




Career Development, Promotion policies and compensation

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Experienced in Strategy
Los Angeles, CA | 2011 | VERIFIED EMPLOYEE


Almost all of what you are told by the recruiters are lies. You will be asked to work more hours than you can imagine working to the point where you may sleep in your car from fatigue. You will be asked to drive or travel incredibly distances to show up to understaffed projects. Clients hate your guts because they are stuck with your offshore services. Then you will be given meadioacre reviews by individuals who have never seen your work product so that they don't have to give you a promotion and only a fraction of the bonus plan. If you think you are special this firm will quickly make sure that you are rated in the average band. Training is non existent.


This firm has a churn and burn philosophy with respect to employees. Staffing models are approved with out comparing against previous implementations. Consultants are staffed to work a min. of 10-12 hr. days without considering travel demands or personal time. Projects are often staffed with individuals who do not have the experience required creating additional demands on those with any experience.

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