The Vault Review


  • “Working with and learning from highly intelligent, positive, interesting people; you obtain wonderful contacts and create a great network of people”
  • “Strong culture of teamwork and collaboration”
  • “Exciting, challenging work; we work for the best clients in the world, in the most dynamic industries”


  • “Work-life balance is extremely difficult to achieve given very high expectations”
  • “Can be political at times”
  • “Promotions are more difficult now”

The Buzz

  • “Cream of the crop; top investment bank”
  • “On the way down—not what they used to be”
  • “Great deal flow, excellent M&A deals, great exit opportunities”
  • “Terrible work-life balance”

Survey Says

Vault Verdict:  Goldman Sachs is considered to be the most prestigious investment bank on the planet. As such a prestigious firm, Goldman can be very selective when it comes to hiring, meaning it hires top candidates from top schools. The result is it's...

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