Vault Career Guide to Insurance, Second Edition

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by Kelly Kagamas Tomkies and Andrew Morkes; Introduction by Carol R. Blaine
Publication Date: 2017

Today almost anything can be insured—from businesses, cars and homes to a star musician's fingers or a supermodel's legs. Insurance of one kind or another underpins every aspect of modern life, and the industry employs more than 2.5 million people in the United States alone. Although the insurance business is sensitive to economic ups and downs, employment expectations are strong for key insurance workers, such as actuaries, as well as experts who can manage changes due to government regulation and combat fraud.

The Vault Career Guide to Insurance, Second Edition provides an insider's perspective on what's happening in the industry, what it takes to break in and how to advance your career. Whether you hope to become an executive at a national insurance company or run your own brokerage, this guide will help you master every step of your job search.

Vault Career Guides offer an industry insider's view of what it takes to land a job in your chosen profession. Each volume provides a comprehensive overview of the industry and expert advice and tips for uncovering job opportunities, networking, preparing your cover letter and resume, interviewing and keeping current on industry news and trends. Interviews and case studies offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of what hiring managers look for in a candidate and how others have succeeded in landing their jobs or advancing their careers. Day in the Life profiles place you in the shoes of an established professional for one day, and an extensive glossary and resource list put all the industry knowledge you need to succeed at your fingertips.

Each Vault Career Guide includes:

  • The Scoop: Everything you need to know about what your industry does, its history, who works in it and where it's going.
  • Getting Hired: Practical information on researching potential employers, networking, interviewing and getting in the door.
  • On the Job: A look at life on the job and the industry culture.
  • Talk Like a Pro: A glossary of industry jargon and key terms.
  • Resources: Associations, organizations, websites and other resources to help you plan and advance your career.


Kelly Kagamas Tomkies is an award-winning freelance writer and editor. She has served as editor of three business publications and written or cowritten books for Ferguson Publishing, including Career Launcher: Energy and Career Launcher: Food Services, and coauthored Career Launcher: Real Estate. She also contributed a chapter to a National Geographic book called Big Idea. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Kevin, and her son, Duncan.

Andrew Morkes is a freelance writer and editor in Chicago, Illinois, who has been writing about college- and career-related topics for more than 20 years. He is the owner of College & Career Press, the editorial director of the CAM Report and College Spotlight, and the author of The Morkes Report: College and Career Planning Trends blog. Andrew has written and edited many books for Ferguson's including the Encyclopedia of Careers & Vocational Guidance, the Vault Career Guide to Accounting, and many volumes in the Careers in Focus, Discovering Careers, and Career Skills Library series. He is also the author of They Teach That in College!?: A Resource Guide to More Than 100 Interesting College Majors and Programs, which was selected as "A Perfect Ten" by the library journal Voice of Youth Advocates, and Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men: More Than 30 Great Jobs for Women and Men With Apprenticeships Through PhDs. His poetry has appeared in Cadence, Wisconsin Review, Poetry Motel, Strong Coffee, and Mid-America Review.

Carol Blaine has worked in the insurance industry for almost 40 years. Currently she is working with Kent State University to develop its new bachelor's of science in insurance program. She is a former corporate officer for the Automobile Club Insurance Company, Century Insurance Group, and Nationwide Insurance Company, was a principal of Business Performance Solutions, and a management team member of J.C. Penney Casualty Insurance Company and Midland Mutual Insurance Company.

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