The Vault Guide to Resumes and Job-Hunting Skills, Second Edition

by Maurene J. Hinds
Publication Date: 2016

It takes more than a solid résumé and cover letter to make yourself stand out to prospective employers. Networking and your online presence can be just as important in landing an interview—and, once you get that interview, it's up to you to sell your accomplishments and skills to convince an employer you're the right person for the job.

The Vault Guide to Résumés and Job-Hunting Skills, Second Edition provides insight and advice for all the essential elements of the job-hunting process. From organizing and perfecting your résumé to the ins and outs of submitting it to employers to preparing for an interview and answering tough questions, this guide can help you raise the bar on your job search.

Coverage includes:

  • Looking for a job: making your career plan, getting organized, tapping into your network, using information interviews
  • Writing a résumé: choosing a résumé type, preparing and polishing a résumé step-by-step, using electronic and online résumés, using social media including LinkedIn
  • Writing a cover letter: choosing a type of cover letter, avoiding common mistakes, deciding what to say in your cover letter 
  • Interviewing: preparing and practicing for interviews, making the right impression, answering difficult questions.

The perfect guide for new professionals or those looking to advance their career, The Vault Guide to Résumés and Job-Hunting Skills, Second Edition is packed with the information you need to improve your résumé and energize your job search.


Maurene J. Hinds is an Academy Certified Résumé Writer (ACRW) and member of Career Thought Leaders. She holds an M.F.A. in Writing for Children from Vermont College and has more than 10 years of experience as a professional résumé writer. In several years as a faculty member in the American Public University System and Montana State University and currently at Western Governors University, she has helped guide and develop student writers for several years. She lives in Montana with her family.

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