Career Launcher: Health Care Providers

by Sheila Buff
Publication Date: 2010

Few careers are as rewarding as those of doctors, nurses, and the other medical professionals who work to improve and save their patients' lives. According to U.S. government projections, employment in the health services industry is expected to increase 27 percent through 2014, adding about 3.6 million new jobs from 2004 through 2014, and many of the top 10 occupations projected to grow the fastest are concentrated in the health services industry.

Health Care Providers contains key information for medical professionals looking to understand this industry and navigate a path to success. Written in clear, accessible language, this new resource covers the full scope of the health care industry, including its traditions and practices, as well as a breakdown of key jobs, tips for success, an in-depth glossary of industry jargon, and current and future trends for this field.

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