Career Launcher: Performing Arts

by Celia Watson Seupel
Publication Date: 2010

From starring in a Broadway musical to playing an instrument in a world-renowned orchestra or directing a cutting-edge play, there are many glamorous performing arts jobs. Professional opportunities in the performing arts, however, go far beyond what is seen onstage. Behind every great performance is a group of hard workers who manage everything from props and equipment to ticket sales to contracts and legal requirements, making it possible for almost anyone interested in performing arts to have a rewarding career regardless of their onstage talent potential.

Performing Arts gives readers a glimpse of jobs behind the curtain to help them launch their career toward success. Perfect for recent graduates and workers looking for an insider's perspective, this new resource is written in simple, conversational language. Performing Arts details the history, practices, standards, and jargon of this industry, highlighting important information, facts, and current trends. Readers will learn effective problem solving, professional ethics, how to talk like a pro, and other essential tools for career success in this field. 

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