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Date: 2012

Excellent experience, great intern culture, live in a hotel all summer, real opportunity to make a difference.


- Present findings to senior level executives. - Real commitment to intern success - doors are open to you at the highest level. - Real effort to let the interns network and there is a great social scene.


- There is almost too much freedom to do anything related to your project - if you can't motivate yourself to dig for answers, you will be left behind and will feel wasted. A lot of interns found that they hadn't really accomplished much by the end because they were waiting for someone to say "do this".

Advice to Potential Interns

This internship is not the highest paying one around. However, you will get the following perks: - Great housing option (live in a hotel for three months! - free DISH TV package of course) - Access to senior level executives. - You really determine your workload - you can really do very little or you can bust your butt - up to you. - You will not be working more than 50-55 hours... ever. This is not the same for full time employees. - On your resume you can say "presented these findings to CEO, CFO, COO, etc." HUGE benefit. - DISH has weird rules that limit productivity.. - Red tape limits your internet access, ability to leave the building to work offsite (at a factory, client, or supplier), and you even have limits on your email capacity. Don't underestimate these petty frustrations which don't exist at some other companies.

Advice to Management

DISH has chosen not to be the highest paying company around. They also experience high turnover rates. Whether or not pay is the root cause of that is up to the individual to interpret. However, if the company chooses to pay less, one possible way to retain employees might be to empower them. A good employee is not going to waste DISH time on the internet, excessively use social networking at work, or leave the building for no reason. A bad one will. Why not assume your employees are good until proven otherwise? I'm much happier and more productive with less pay and more freedom than I am with having to work around red tape even with a fat payday. That said, great employees will not let these obstacles stop them and they are not excessively severe at DISH to the point where they become unmanageable.

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