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Date: 2013

AT&T's LDP program: seeking future leaders for our future business needs


My project was challenging, interesting and gave me perspective into issue that senior management deals with on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the opportunity to network with people across many different business units to determine what part of the business you would like to pursue.


Not always knowing where to go to find information, which lead to inefficiencies, but offered an opportunity to meet and engage with many people during the information searching process.

Advice to Potential Interns

You will be provided with challenging projects during your internship experience. Accept the challenge, work hard, get the job done and seek opportunities to meet leaders throughout the organization.

Advice to Management

The LDP is great about providing training, although the different business units in which we are placed vary with regard to onboarding processes, which make it challenging for a new employee to get up to speed.

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