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Amazing opportunity to work with the top pharmacy leaders at Walgreens and learn how a major pharmacy company is run.

5.0 of 5 stars

Chicago, IL | 2012 | VERIFIED INTERN


Everyone at Walgreens was so welcoming and genuinely eager to show us what it was like to work on the administrative side of a major retail pharmacy. It was incredible how candid and eager everyone was in trying to show us what it was like to work at Walgreens. More than that, the access we got to people and events at the company was incredible. I still am amazed at all the meetings on new or developing programs that I was allowed to attend. Also, the ability to meet with company officials, from the president of the company down to VPs and directors was beyond anything I expected. On top of all of that, living in Chicago during the summer was also amazing.


It was too short, and traveling into Chicago was sometimes kind of hard from Deerfield. Everything else was outstanding. It could not have been a better experience.

Advice to Potential Interns

If retail pharmacy management is what you are interested in, this internship could not be better for you. I cannot think of how this program could of been better. We were allowed full access to learn how the company worked, and worked side-by-side with people making major decisions for a 8000 store company. Make sure to come excited and ready to meet people, and the opportunity here is limitless.

Advice to Management

Providing housing as a stipend as opposed to directly provided might allow students the chance to pick where they live and give them better access to the city.

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