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Date: 2012

Hands-on learning and experience on a supportive team filled with intelligent and kind people


Working at Limited Brands and specifically on my team has opened my eyes to how important to me the corporate culture of a company is. I love the work I do and find it extremely interesting, but it is the relationships and people that make me excited to come to work every day. While some days may be slow with tedious work, I can always count on spontaneous Starbuck's trips or some sort of team gathering to break up the day. By working with a close knit team you learn others’ strengths and work ethics, leading to a deeper respect for them which in turn makes me want to work that much harder to gain their respect and approval back. I definitely gain satisfaction from my job, but it is great to also have people to share it with.


I don't have a lot of bad things to say about my experience here. Some days are slow and other days I feel like I have so much to do I may never leave. I guess I can say the inconsistency of work load does get a little hard to manage, especially if I'm trying to plan out a week along with school and other activities, but you will find that anywhere and the fast pace and constant change is what keeps things interesting.

Advice to Potential Interns

First off, don't give up. I did MONTHS of internship searching and just when I thought I was out of luck (during the finals of Spring Quarter) I saw a posting for my current position and within a week had interviewed and accepted the job offer. I would not be where I am today without my persistence and consistent efforts to look for a job. Second, I believe Limited Brands offers more than just valuable work experience in your field. Not only have I had ample hands-on learning time within my team, but I have been able to create relationships across the brands with other interns and learn about their roles and responsibilities. The internship program lets you become well rounded in educating you about the various functions and departments so you gain a deeper understanding of the business.

Advice to Management

I really like how Limited Brands onboards you when you start and the flexibility they provide. As an intern, I know I need to work so many hours in a certain week, but my manager has always been receptive to any changes I may need to make to the normal times. Since I did start late, I did not really get the chance to onboard (or even find out what that was) until way later-but I actually think doing it later rather than right away is more beneficial. It is nice to be able to talk to other people about their jobs when you have a better understanding of yours and how it fits together in the process.

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