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Date: 2012

Work the dream career as an intern


There are several opportunities to help producers with on-air content for the broadcast. As an intern I also had the ability to meet celebrities and attend on-location shoots. We are considered a part of the team and we are treated with respect as the other entry-level employees of the station.


Since this was a morning broadcast, the producers were very busy. In the beginning it would have been helpful to have a mentor or teacher describe the basics of working for a news station as well as helpful tips to succeed. The information in the beginning of the internship was very sporadic and there might have been less mistakes if people learned the proper way to complete tasks.

Advice to Potential Interns

This is an internship that allows you to gain professional experience working with a prestigious company. CBS News is amazing and it is up to you to utilize all of the resources and services provided through this internship.

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