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Eye opening experience, undesirable projects

2.0 of 5 stars

Atlanta, GA | 2016 | VERIFIED INTERN


Given a lot of freedom. Mentor who is close in age to myself and easy to get along with. Working near a pretty interest process of melting glass. Gaining practical knowledge about industrial equipment.


Uninviting atmosphere. No one was very welcoming or positive about me joining as an intern. Given little to no respect as an employee who wanted to be apart of the work force. Salary staff has too much of an ego and prove yourself attitude. Aside from day to day work, all of the projects I was given were pretty pointless. Did not really learn anything more about chemical engineering or engineering in general.

Advice to Potential Interns

Very cookie cutter internships. Most interns don't do anything much different than the interns before them.

Advice to Management

I think they do just fine in this category

Sample Interview Questions

I got the job from a phone call alone. It wasn't even truly a phone interview but really just a conversation. I am quite please that the recruiter liked me enough to hire me based off the phone call alone but it's still a little peculiar.

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