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Date: 2012

Not your average internship


As an intern they scheduled lunches with numerous senior management. I was able to have lunch with the CEO, CFO, VP's in tax, HR, and different business segments. They also gave the intern class a budget to take a day off to have a community service event. We were also able to take a day off to visit a few plants and actually see the manufacturing process of how fiberglass is made. Towards the end of the internship we had good social events where we had a picnic to thank our managers and a golf outing with our managers as well. Not only was the work challenging, but the extra perks were great. Being from Texas and the internship in Ohio, they gave me a moving and housing stipend. Before the actual internship they also flew me up as well as others from out of state to meet our managers for the first time. Owens Corning gives there interns hard work, but also allow them to grow.


Being from out of state, I was put at a disadvantage for a full time offer since the drop out rate is high for those not from the Toledo area. I felt this from day one as I was asked constantly how I enjoyed the area and if I could see myself living there. I worked in the finance department, but some other interns in other parts such as supply chain or IT didn't get equal pay or some events such as the finance golf outing.

Advice to Potential Interns

If your not from Toledo then be aware if you really want to live there. If you do make sure you let your co-workers know. It will allow for a better chance to get a full time offer in their development program. Work hard and make sure to get out of your area and meet new people. I was able to work on different projects and learn about different parts of the business just by reaching out.

Advice to Management

If you recruit from out of state then make sure it's a level playing field. Those from out of town felt a bit discriminated against when it came to a full time offer. More full time offers wouldn't hurt either.

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