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Date: 2012

National Program Management Intern


Independence and trust from my manager. Real life experience. Challenege. I really enjoyed that I was given a real project that manager hadn't solved and I got to run it myself. I had a unique opportunity to meet with so many departments and see the results of my project. I also was given mini projects from others in my department. My favorite part by far was the National Program Maangement Department. They all were excited to have me learn and willing to teach me.


I interned my sophomore year summer and I would've liked to have a set offer from them before I went back to school. I was recruiting in the fall and my offers all expired before I could start interviewing with Liberty. So unforunately, I had to go with my other offers.

Advice to Potential Interns

From my persepctive every internship with the comapny varies so much. I had an amazing experience and I was always busy. I had friends at other locations who had otherwise. But the biggest thing is how once you are in with the company you are in for a good. My mom works for the company and my dad and brother are in the same industry. The job strength in the industry is really good, and I think that is something that is really important when looking for an internship.

Advice to Management

I think they could do a better job of retaining interns. At my interview they said something like 80% come back as fulltime. I do not see how this is possible though because the only people who left with offers were 4 people out of 25 in the HR division. This was huge factor for why I did not particularly want to come back for another internship in the summer because I want to work somewhere in the summer where I can feel confident that if I do my job and like it I'll get an offer. Almost all my other business friends from school will recieve offers at the end of the summer and don't have to re go through recruting. I still had an amazing experience and it made it difficult because the developmet programs are attractive, it's just that those were the only offers given.

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