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Date: 2012

Aunqiue opportunity with the chance to perform meaningful and important work, but very difficut to obtain a job at programs end.


The type of projects/assignemtns that were offered, working at the executive level with other executives, having some flexibility to pursue projects of interest.


The absolute lack of job opportunities within the organization that I worked so hard for as well as the very limited opportunities employement opportunities in similar sectors.

Advice to Potential Interns

This program is a great opportunity if you are intersted in exploring a career in public service. This is a good program for anyone who would like to explore a career in public service and then move on to graduate school/law school or return to the industry you are in. However, if your main goal is to obtain a job at the end of the program or change your career, save your time and search for a real full time position instead of applying.

Advice to Management

The Executive and Judicial programs need to do a much better job at assiting fellows who are interested in continuing a career in public service in their job search in the waning months of the programs and after the program ends. Given all of the resources (contacts, former fellows, program visibility) it makes very little sense to have no formal program resources (job board, a end of program hiring event) devoted to helping fellows find jobs at the end of the program.

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