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Date: 2012

Fast-paced, hands on summer leads to fun and exciting full time career


Hallmark's culture is fantastic -- Hallmark is a company that really lives by the idea that people are their most important asset. Senior leadership is extremely accessible, providing great networking opportunities.


The internship was a little longer than I would have preferred -- I felt like I didn't get a break all summer before starting school again. 10 weeks would have been better.

Advice to Potential Interns

Hallmark really values their interns, so fully expect to work hard and make a meaningful contribution during your summer. You have an opportunity to make a big impact and show Hallmark what you can do and why they should hire you.

Advice to Management

Hallmark tends to be a little behind other companies as far as full-time job offers go. Waiting so long to give offers can cause them to lose good candidates.

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