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Editorial Intern

5.0 of 5 stars

66044, KS | March 2015 | FORMER INTERN


I got to work closely with editors, writers, and artists of various sorts. I was treated as a full-time professional rather than as an intern, and my ideas were always considered valuable input. I was encouraged to do things better sometimes but was always given constructive feedback and enough support. Ultimately it made me realize how much I wanted to be in the work world because I liked being treated like an important part of the team rather than as "just a student" or as the intern. I did meaningful work that went into real cards (that I later got to see in stores!) and really learned a lot about editorial work in general. Also, the pay is really good, particularly for a writing/editorial position.


There was definitely no hand-holding in this internship, which I liked but could be a downside for others. The first day is sort of a whirlwind and it can be really overwhelming. You're expected to network with EVERYONE it feels like (you literally have a list to get through by the end of the summer) and it feels like there's never enough time to get things done. That being said, none of these ended up being negatives for me, they were just the more stressful parts of learning during this internships. Overall I had a great experience.


Make sure anything you submit/say is family appropriate. Hallmark is actually pretty liberal (i.e.: unlike a lot of "family companies" it's super LGBT friendly) but definitely avoid using sexual content or bad language in submissions for your portfolio. It won't go over well.

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