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Date: 2012

Get a real full-time consultant experience with meaningful project responsibilities


Many opportunities to take on responsibilities and new challenges. Interns are treated like full employees and given real responsibilities on a project team. This allows you to get an accurate view of consulting and what life as a consultant is really like. Not just assisting others with small tasks A lot of emphasis on growth and development, proactive mentorship and training offered Fun, inclusive, social and supportive work culture


The hours ocassionally were pretty long, pay not as competitive as similar internships. Internship program is not very structured, experience varies widely

Advice to Potential Interns

The internship provides a good overview of what consulting is like in all aspects - work tasks, culture etc. Even as an intern, there are plenty of opportunities to take on more responsibilities and ownership of work and to contribute meaningfully to project work as long as demonstrate that you want them and are capable of handling it. People are very willing to teach and to train you if you reach out with questions, as well as provide career/mentorship advice.

Advice to Management

Give the program more structure - maybe making the training and feedback process a little more formalized.

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