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Date: 2012

The Summer Consultant experience at Bates White allowed me to expand intellectually at a fast pace due to the mentoring by other employees.


At Bates White I found a collegial atmosphere full of friendly, intelligent people. Everyone I worked with was more than willing to answer any questions I had and help me develop the skills I needed to become a successful consultant. The firm also planned a series of events for the Summer Consultant program, allowing us not just to enjoy what DC has to offer, but to interact with other employees of the firm that we normally would not have met during our summer. Due to the responsibility I was given as a Summer Consultant, I found the work intellectually stimulating and felt able to make meaningful contributions to the projects I worked on.


Although infrequent, the projects I worked on required me to complete mundane tasks at times.

Advice to Potential Interns

The work that Bates White does allows employees to come up with challenging solutions to interesting problems. Although most projects the firm works on are economic in context, students of all majors looking for a intellectually stimulating experience should consider Bates White.

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