Bain & Company Summer Associate (SA) and Associate Consultant Internship (ACI)

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Date: 2012

"Bain makes you better: humanities major gains solid confidence in employability, profoundly enjoys the experience"


MENTORSHIP, unbelievable supervisors, colleagues, managers, HR support, internship coordinators, etc. And endless supply of resources who care about my happiness and development. Regular constructive feedback, opportunity for upward feedback. NETWORK, a "real" network, with people I truly believe want to help further my professional goals and will call me back if I need it. WORK HARD PLAY HARD: self-explanatory. The most valuable work, the most genuine fun. EXPENSING: I love expensing things. NO BUSY WORK: Almost no stupid busy work, felt I made a very tangible impact on the team.


If you're too enthusiastic you might get a little ignored towards the end-- if they can tell you'll accept your offer, they won't spend as much time shmoozing you. But they like you better overall if you're already on board!

Advice to Potential Interns

BAIN MAKES YOU BETTER! You get better friends, better mentors, better skills. You get to work with wonderful people and learn to be a pleasure to work with. You learn how to communicate better, leverage your time better, get results faster.

Advice to Management

A stipend for housing would be nice...

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