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Date: 2013

Fast paced programming opportunity with many opportunities to explore new technology


Learning so many new technologies - and getting paid for it! Making me a better programmer, fluent in more languages. The culture at Symantec is awesome. It's very free, and everyone is happy to be here.


Company-wide reorganization gave me three different managers in the first two months. That left me (and my team) with no clear direction, and doubts about our future. Mostly just intra-office politics.

Advice to Potential Interns

Don't be afraid to ask the people you work with for help. If you don't, you won't look intelligent floundering around.

Advice to Management

Be in contact with the interns. I only talked with my current manager about 2-3 times over the 12 week period. He's just way too busy, but it would help a lot if he could take the time to talk to his subjects.

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