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Date: 2012

A challenging, rigorous and unparalleled learning opportunity within the world of corporate finance.


the diverse nature of restructuring work and the quality of the people. In restructuring, in addition to excellent valuation and technical learning, you are exposed to negotiation, game theory, the law, and have a unique level of interaction with upper management at client companies. Most importantly, though, learning is enhanced by the high quality, caring nature of the people at the firm.


The hours were long. But you will learn a lot!

Advice to Potential Interns

Know that you will work hard, that you will be expected to take responsibility, but that good work does not go unnoticed.

Advice to Management

compensation was excellent. Employee retention is not great at the analyst level but that is part of their model - not sure this is something that needs changing. Training and diversity are two areas for improvement - training was brief and the firm is not particularly diverse.

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