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2.9 of 5 stars

good people, challenging work, poor career development/feedback process, poor training
Minneapolis, MN | 2013 | VERIFIED INTERN


Working with the full-time analysts and completing projects.


The worst part of the internship was the long hours.

Advice to Potential Interns

Be willing to work a lot and have a positive attitude. The nexus of firm leadership is in Minneapolis and I would thus only recommend this firm if the candidate was willing to move to Minneapolis. While Piper Jaffray is a strong middle-market firm, the trend of this firm isn't upwards.

Advice to Management

Piper could have much better training for interns (it was only 2 days) and could do a better job communicating across departments. Also, the feedback process was almost non-existent and morale didn't seem very high with the analysts. Listening to analysts should be more focused on.

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