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Date: 2012

it's is a preview of what it would be like to work as a full time rep at NMFN. I's about 1/4 of the work a full time rep has to do.


wintercamp and attending the Annual Meeting in Milwaukee.


I personally had a mentor that was not as expirience as i would have desired. He had me do a lot on my own because he didnt want to waste time on small cases like mine.

Advice to Potential Interns

they must have a set schedule amount of time each day solely dedicated for the intership program, aside from trainig meetings. Set time to phone, set time slots for apppointments, etc.

Advice to Management

I think that there is no diversity in the whole company in general, as a 'non- caucasion ' person i felt very secluded throughout all of the events I attended. I found myself alone a lot of the time and had no one to really open up to. I think i would have done a lot better if i would not have felt so secluded from the office and the company in general. Diversity is definaatly something that is holding Northwertern Mutual back from growing into different markets and developing people with so much drive. Ipersonally was successfull but only because I am self motivated not because i ever felt motivated by anyone in my office.

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