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Date: 2012

Tremendous training, small size and access to high level management produces great experience


Tremendous access to high level management who were willing to help provide advice and take the time to train me personally


As advertised, the hours and commitment the internship required were very high

Advice to Potential Interns

Lazard's culture and size provides a fertile ground for coming into the financial industry without a finance-related background and having a tremendous experience. They do not expect you to know everything, because they will willingly take the time to teach you and help you improve your skills along the way.

Advice to Management

I believe the training could be more specialized. While Lazard is known for Mergers and Acquisitions, it all has programs, like my own, which are more capital markets focused. The training they provided to all interns at the beginning of the summer heavily emphasized M&A transactions, which proved largely irrelevant to my summer work.

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