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Date: 2012

A very motivating and inspiring experience.


The most positive aspect of the internship was being able to connect and meet with employees of all different backgrounds and get feedback and advice from them. Everyone was there to help you succeed and help seek out your potential in your career.


A con to the internship is that it is unpaid. However, majority of internships are unpaid so it was taken into consideration when applying for the internship. A plus side of it being unpaid allows you to show your dedication to work hard and learn, which is why I'm sure there is such a high hiring rate of former interns.

Advice to Potential Interns

The best advice I could give to potential interns is to have a positive attitude. Say yes to opportunities and don't hesitate. Always be considerate and be sure to write thank you notes after interviews and meeting with people! It goes a long way. Be the kind of person you would want to work with.

Advice to Management

Stay awesome. I had an incredibly healthy experience during my internship and it was because of the people. They wanted you to learn and they wanted you to have a great experience. Very positive work environment.

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