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Date: 2012

This internship created a powerful and irreplaceable foundation I will build my future career off of.


The projects and responsibilities we given showed an encouraging level of trust and gave us the opportunity to grow to our full potential and contribute more fully to the organization.


The hiring freeze we came into. It was pretty disappointing, but we still gave it our all!

Advice to Potential Interns

Even if you don't end up working for Southwest; the experience you are given and the culture you are privileged to work in is incomparable.

Advice to Management

The only thing I would have wished for was more of an encouraging outlook from management that we indeed could be working there if we put our most into it. Instead, it was more like this: we are not hiring anyone for a while but you might get the one customer relations job we posted that every intern is going for no matter how great of an employee you are or how hard you work.

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