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Date: 2013

The most valuable and real life experience anyone could ask for within this field.


For me, the best aspects while working here was the work. I liked that all the work we had was on a tight schedule but also flexible. I enjoyed constantly working on projects here and the way work was distributed and organized was incredible.


The only thing i would say that I liked the least was the wait times. Sometimes i would have to wait for a Project manager to send me feedback on work I was doing, and i would have to wait a while before working again. I wouldn't accept any other asks because i knew that if i did, it would take a bit a time to do, and during that time, i would have gotten the feedback I was waiting for, and then I would have too many things to do. But the wait time is understandable, as i am pretty sure there had been times where they had to wait for me.

Advice to Potential Interns

If your looking for a place where you will get the most experience in the field, then this is a great place to be. You will learn so much, not just about the field, but how you interact with those outside of it. Workplace relationships are incredibly collaborative and organized and always makes sure you can handle what you're doing. There are a lot of in-house activities and the environment is outstanding.

Advice to Management

i think the one thing that would be best to work on in order to improve organization, would to have employee's always give ETAs so that the one waiting knows how long to wait. This makes it easier for us to pick and choose what to work on in the mean time.

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