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Date: 2012

Variety of great and challenging tasks that lead to many opportunities for growth both professionally and personally


Getting to meet many people, developing technical knowledge in a short amount of time, working on interesting clients, seeing what day to day life is for a full-time associate.


The hours we worked made balancing work and life hard but I did learn ways to do it and I was very satisfied with my experience.

Advice to Potential Interns

My advice is go with an organization that has a great culture. While most companies mention the people aspect to attract candidates, the culture really does matter. You want to like who you work with and at PwC I love that there is a teamwork culture. I personally have seen people volunteer to stay late and help on a client that is not theirs. That shows that we are all in this together.

Advice to Management

I would say that more interaction between the different tax groups would be great because we are so divided most of the time, it would be a great networking opportunity.

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