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Date: 2012

Fantastic learning opportunity with great support from staff and management


I really enjoyed the peer and managers that I worked with. It felt like we were doing "real work" and every day was a challenge. I also felt like the managers included me as part of the team, for the period of my internship. Overall, a fantastic learning experience.


As with any internship, it was nerve-wracking feeling like I was being judged every day, to determine if I was worthy of a full-time offer. I think this is more of a personality issue, than an actual con to the program. Overall, I was very impressed with how the internship was run. The only negative feedback I would give would be to ensure that there is a bit more communication before the internship starts. As somebody coming from out of town, it did feel like the internship dates and schedule arrived a bit later in the Spring than I would have hoped.

Advice to Potential Interns

Set yourself up for success by minimizing the other things on your plate during the internship. Allow yourself to absorb the corporate culture, be available for impromptu conversations and opportunities, and be ready to listen. As an intern, I felt like I learned the most by listening hard, and being assertive when opportunities.

Advice to Management

The internship compensation was slightly lower than what was offered at one other firm in the same region. In general, I felt the amount of training was great, and was thankful for the in-house training before we headed to California as a large group.

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