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Date: 2012

Extremely rewarding internship


I really enjoyed that the company trusted their interns to be hands on with large projects. I was really able to get a feel of the company while I was there and the employees were all very welcoming and helpful.


The tax training portion was my least favorite part of the internship. All tax returns are prepped using software but at training we did not use the computer to learn how to prep the returns.

Advice to Potential Interns

My advice would be to communicate with your superiors on a regular about projects you are working on. If you run in to an issue see if you can solve it yourself but don't waste too much time and get behind before asking for help. Everyone was new at sometime and seniors are more than happy to help.

Advice to Management

I would just recommend updating the tax training so that the tax software is used to prep returns instead of hand writing the returns.

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