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Date: 2012

Actual Experience, Actual Learning, and an opportunity to decide if this is what you want in your future.


The best part was that I was not bringing coffee to people and doing remedial work. I was using my knowledge and what I go to school for in order to preform the tasks assigned. I was learning along side professionals who had a genuine interest in helping my advancement in my career and answered any questions I had. What truly solidified my decision to go with Armanino was the People and what made my internship great was all that I learned.


I did not like that they did not offer me a second internship even when I received a high evaluation. They had talked full time offer before grad school came into the picture and I felt if they valued me as an intern as much as they had said they would want to keep me around even if it was for another internship.

Advice to Potential Interns

Always ask questions. There is no way you will grow or learn from an internship if you don't ask questions. The people make the biggest difference, if you don't like the people you are working with you won't enjoy your experience so when making a choice think about the type of people and the culture at a company.

Advice to Management

Continuous training of the interns would help. Case Study is a good idea. Getting feedback throughout the process and helping people out. Also, if you have a quality person. Keep them around. Regardless of what it takes.

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