About American Heart Association

The American Heart Association traces its roots back to New York City in 1915 when a group of concerned physicians formed the Association for the Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease to educate citizens about the disease, which was quickly becoming a leading cause of death.  Similar groups began to crop up in Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago in the 1920s.  As national interest grew, six doctors from the associations came together in 1924 to found the American Heart Association.  Today, the American Heart Association is a leading health advocate, taking on such titans as the tobacco industry and dispersing its research publicly.

The purpose of the undergraduate research training program is to encourage promising students from all disciplines to consider research careers related to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular areas.  Interns can work in the editorial department, co-writing promotional and informational material, website information, advertisements, fliers, posters and more.  They also help with the association's administrative activities.  Responsibilities vary by location and need, but may include handling phone inquiries, proofreading pamphlets and mailings and clerical tasks.


Open to current college students and grad students.

American Heart Association

  • Internship Coordinator, Human Resources
  • American Heart Association, Inc.
  • American Heart Association
  • 7272 Greenville Avenue
  • Dallas, TX 75231


  • Number of Interns: Varies
  • Compensation/Benefits: Unpaid
  • Duration: N/A
  • Academic Level: College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors, College Seniors, Graduate Students