About Walt Disney Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Technology Group

The Walt Disney Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Technology Group is a sort of secret weapon for the Walt Disney Company. This low-profile organization works exclusively for the Disney corporation and handles strategy assignments in multiple business arenas (almost like Disney's personal consulting company). In addition to corporate strategy, the department covers M&A, strategic alliances, corporate business development, IP management and technology standards. It also aids various business units on their strategy when the issues are large enough to merit corporate attention. The planning group employs only 20 professionals who are divided into smaller teams to handle individual company needs and tasks, which can vary depending on the issues the company is facing at the time.

The intern (yes-one and only one) invited to join the Walt Disney Strategic Planning Group team each summer should expect attention and real working responsibility. That chosen MBA student should be able to handle a bit of pressure and stress. Most importantly, an internship may act as an "in" for this notoriously selective division. Even if it doesn't, though, the prestige it will bring your resume is priceless.


Open to MBA students only. Generally open only to students at universities chosen by the company.

Walt Disney Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Technology Group



  • Los Angeles, CA