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About Microsoft Corporation Engineering Internships

Microsoft's ambitions to put a computer on every desk have evolved to put a computing device just about anywhere and connect it to the cloud rather than anchor it to a desk. Besides the Windows operating system and Office suite of productivity programs, Microsoft makes tablets (Surface), game consoles (Xbox), and smartphones (Lumia). It even introduced its first laptop computer in 2015. Still software -- for consumers and businesses -- is Microsoft's biggest source of revenue.

Microsoft has a well-earned reputation as a top employer and top firm in its field.  In addition to full-time positions, Microsoft also offers a number of internships, especially in the engineering field. Engineering internships include:

Content Publishing - Microsoft offers two internships in the field of content publishing:

  • Programmer Writer: Interns will join a team responsible for writing amazing apps, innovative services, and creative experiences. They will understand Microsoft platforms and technologies inside out so they can teach developers around the world how to design and build compelling software and hardware solutions. Interns will dive into code and collaborate with teams across engineering, design, and marketing to understand the end-to-end story. Interns may have a hand in testing products in real-world scenarios. They will also deliver code samples and technical guidance to assist them in solving complex problems and to help light up new experiences in their apps and hardware.

  • Technical Writer: Technical writers play a crucial role in helping both internal and external audiences understand company goals, concepts and technologies. As a technical writer, you are responsible for development, design, deployment, vision, and business strategy for our content. This includes content creation, acquisition, production, editorial, and other publishing activities across our many disciplines.

Data & Applied Sciences - Microsoft's new data science team works to improve the quality of experiences on our devices and services. Interns will gain a unique insight into business and customer scenarios that cut across organizational boundaries and are leading the growth of a data-driven culture within Microsoft. Interns will help formulate approaches to solve problems using well-defined algorithms and data sources. They will incorporate an understanding of product functionality and customer perspective to provide context for those problems. They will use data exploration techniques to discover new questions or opportunities within problem areas and propose applicability and limitations of the data. Successful Data scientists will also interpret results of their analysis, validate their approach, and learn to monitor, analyze, and iterate to continuously improve. They will engage with peer stakeholders to produce clear, compelling, actionable insights that influence product and service improvements that will impact millions of customers. Interns also engage in the peer review process and act on feedback while learning innovative methods, algorithms, and tools to increase the impact and applicability of results.

Development - At Microsoft, software engineers collaborate with a team of programming experts to solve problems and build some of the world's most advanced services and devices. Their efforts on the design, development, and testing of next-generation applications will have an impact on millions of people. They are the link between abstract concepts and delivered solutions - the one who understands the consumer, solving problems, and building applications that will impact millions of people. Interns learn first hand what it means to become a software engineer. Microsoft offers two specific internships in the Software Development field.

  • Program Manager: Program managers (PMs) are the in-house advocates for millions of people worldwide who predict and research how software is used and work closely with SWEs to ensure our products exceed people's expectations. You drive the technical vision, design, and implementation of software solutions.

  • Software Engineer: Software engineers (SWEs) dive deep into code and work with fellow programming experts to solve problems and build powerful new tools. You are required to think about the customer to ensure stellar product quality, and you provide technical guidance to PMs as they communicate user needs and product requirements. As a SWE, you are dedicated to producing the world's most advanced software.

Hardware Engineer - Interns will join a team working to design and manufacture some of the most popular entertainment and PC peripheral devices in the world. Microsoft offers internshps in a wide range of areas, from product architecture through implementation, verification, and manufacturing. These opportunities represent a variety of disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, optical, silicon and low-level software for Hardware engineering. Teams incubate advanced technologies, including new PC form factors, input devices, and hand-held consumer devices, and build deep partnerships with Microsoft Research, Product Planning and Marketing.

Service Engineer - As a Service engineer you will be responsible for planning, project management, documenting processes, developing specs, and providing status updates on all release-to-web activities. This highly visible role will have you working closely with other disciplines including, SWE/PM, partners, business groups, and data center engineering teams. The core competencies of a service engineer are to drive operability requirements, standards, processes, and practices; deploy and run services in production; and ensure data delivery and customer satisfaction with an eye on improving operational practices and procedures.

User Experience - Microsoft offers two internships in the field of user experience:

  • User Experience Designer - Join a team responsible for driving cross-team collaboration with the world's best user experience researchers, program managers, product planners and developers from the early stages of planning through implementation. You'll need to think strategically, be creative and negotiate design solutions in relation to business goals. Using your abilities to identify new opportunities and generate innovative ideas, you will influence the design direction and make popular products even more successful.

  • User Experience Researcher - User Experience Researches work to know users and understand their perceptions, desires, needs, frustrations, environments and problems related to Microsoft devices and services. They find creative ways to evangelize the rich research data Microsofot has to both internal and external audiences, and drive the results of those communications to the final experience.

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Microsoft Corporation Engineering Internships

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • 1 Microsoft Way
  • Redmond, WA 98052
  • Phone: 1 (425) 882-8080
  • Fax: 1 (425) 936-6150


  • Number of Interns: Varies
  • Compensation/Benefits: Paid
  • Duration: Varies
  • Academic Level: College Seniors, Recent College Graduates, Graduate Students
  • Degree Track: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science
  • Industry Experience: 0-1 year, 2-5 years