About Credit Suisse Summer Associate Internship Program

Credit Suisse is a forward-thinking financial services firm serving clients around the globe, and is one of the most respected banks in the world. They are a leading player in many key markets and are recognized by industry publications for their continued excellence.

Credit Suisse's entry-level hiring programs provides opportunities to make a difference from day one, and provide world-class training and support to enable candidates to develop into a future business leader. 

Their Summer Associate Internship Program is designed to offer real insight into their business. The program typically lasts ten weeks and is one of the most in-depth internships within the financial services industry. From day one, interns are considered part of the team. They face real challenges, have client exposure, enjoy real achievements and have their talents recognized every step of the way.

Interns are provided with preprogram work and recommended reading to enhance ther knowledge of the financial industry. Interns will then gain an understanding of the market data and technology tools they'll use during training. Their training will involve rotating through Equity and Fixed Income as part of the Sales and Trading Program. They will listen to business presentations from internal professionals who apply industry knowledge to the Credit Suisse environment. Interns will get help every step of the way through a formal mentoring program; attend structured review and feedback sessions; and participate in philanthropic and team building events. Those who show real potential and demonstrate exceptional performance during their time with Credit Suisse may be offered a full-time position for the following year.

Credit Suisse's offers Summer Associate positions in the following areas of interest:

  • Investment Banking - Through a comprehensive nine week program in Credit Suisse's New York office, Summer Associates learn how to put their expertise to work in some of the most complex and challenging mergers, acquisitions, financings and restructurings in the world. Participants will learn corporate valuation, accounting and modeling from some of the industry's top professionals; listen to business presentations from Credit Suisse professionals; and apply what they've learned by making final case study presentations to Credit Suisse senior bankers, simulating the experience of pitching to a company's board of directors. The Associate Program is open to both MBA and JD students.

  • Private Banking - Private Banking offers comprehensive advice and a broad range of investment products and services tailored to the complex needs of high-net-worth individuals and families. Summer Associate interns train in a curriculum consisting of Private Banking learning modules, course work, an on-going team case study, a final presentation and business development classes (to help participants gain a better understanding of how to start growing your business). Interns will also receive technical training to provide an in-depth overview of products and services offered to our clients. They will set and track their objectives and development points in a rigorous performance management process. They will hone presentation and interpersonal skills in soft-skills training in preparation for a successful career as a relationship manager.

  • Equities - Interns will need lots of energy, effective communication skills, enthusiasm for working as a team and quick, and on-your-feet thinking to succeed in this comprehensive ten week program in Credit Suisse's New York office. They will also need strong analytical skills. Once part of the team, interns will receive technical and capital markets training from some of the industry's top instructors and enhance their relevant functional knowledge with courses and simulations in a line-of-business-specific curriculum.

  • Fixed Income - As part of this comprehensive ten week program, based in Credit Suisse's New York office, interns will put their technological and product-based expertise to work in areas ranging from staging plain vanilla financings to delivering advice on liability management, structured finance, and hedging and derivatives. Split-second thinking is essential to navigating a challenging fixed income environment. Interns will learn from the best and receive technical and capital markets training from some of the industry's top instructors while enhancing their relevant functional knowledge with courses and simulations in a line-of-business-specific curriculum.



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What Credit Suisse Looks For:
- Leaders who engender loyalty, assume responsibility and mobilize others
- Critical thinkers with excellent problem-solving skills
- Self-starters who achieve significant results
- Adaptable team members who can build and support strong relationships
- Communicators who are skilled in articulating and listening
- Principled contributors who are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior

Credit Suisse Summer Associate Internship Program

  • Global Campus Recruiting
  • Credit Suisse
  • 11 Madison Avenue
  • New York, NY 10010


  • Number of Interns: 101 or more
  • Compensation/Benefits: Paid
  • Duration: 6 to 12 weeks
  • Academic Level: Business School Students
  • Degree Track: Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration


  • New York, NY