How to Apply

Application Process

  • Interns must apply online through the company's Applicant Tracking System
  • Resume is required. Cover letter attachment is optional. Transcripts are beneficial and may be required in certain circumstances
  • Contact:

Application Deadline



Bev Brown (Director, Inclusion & Engagement)
1800 Larimer
9th floor
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-571-6555


  • Interns must be a current student at a college or university
  • Interns must 18 years old when they start the position
  • Fields of study vary widely based on the opportunity, but typically focus on Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Chemical, Industrial), Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Law, Business, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, or other STEM-related fields of study
  • Skills and experience - Microsoft Office (as a base)
  • Personality traits - ability to work independently and / or as part of a team (We also utilize 5 core competencies: Accountability, Customer/Stakeholder Engagement, Operational Excellence, Relationship Management, and Job and Business Expertise.)
  • Time commitment - full-time (40 hours per week) in the summer, and often part-time (varies) during the academic school year
  • Academic credit requirements - good academic standing
  • GPA requirements - 2.0+
  • Driver's license - helpful in most cases
  • U.S. citizenship - eligible to work in the U.S.