How to Apply

Application Process

Students should visit to learn more and complete an online application or contact our offices at 1-888-602-7867. A team leader will be assigned to the applicant and engage the student in a series of interviews to determine if the opportunity is a good fit. The materials and information required of the applicants varies among team leaders. The entire interview and selection process can be completed as quickly as several days or over several weeks depending on the applicant and team leader.

Application Deadline

Several week-long sales schools are held in Nashville to accommodate the variety of college and university summer break schedules. As such, applications for the sales & leadership program are accepted on a rolling basis. It is recommended that interested students contact Southwestern Advantage several months prior to their scheduled summer break to ensure a slot at sales school.


Southwestern Advantage
2451 Atrium Way
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone: 888-602-7867


The mission at Southwestern Advantage is to be the best organization in the world at helping young people develop the skills - and the character - they need to reach their goals. As such, candidates for the sales and leadership program are not required to possess any specific skills, but rather be willing to work hard, be coachable, and have a positive attitude. Successful reps benefit directly in proportion to the effort they put forth. Those who take initiative, have maturity and good judgment, and are willing to work hard gain the most from the program. For those who stay multiple summers and become leaders, a bright future awaits.

With some exceptions, most students are eligible to join the program any time after completion of their first year of college or university. No specific fields of study are required or preferred as successful reps have majors ranging from business to engineering to graphic design.

Once selected, students should expect to spend a couple hours per week with their leader preparing for sales school and building their business. Activities may include practicing communication skills, developing a website, viewing and discussing training and motivational materials, or simply getting to know their Southwestern Advantage team.

Over 150 years of experience has shown that successful reps believe:
Financial security is important - They do not want to be in debt after graduation.
Freedom is important - They value the possibility of building their own business.
Personal development is important - They desire constructive feedback and mentoring relationships.
Leadership is important - Increased responsibility is a reward for accomplishments.
Impact is important - Push yourself to a higher level. Develop life skills. Make a difference.