How to Apply

Application Process

Please visit the Oliver Wyman application site to review vacancies &/or your University's career site to see when we'll be on campus. 

Please visit for more information on career development and opportunities at Oliver Wyman.

Application Deadline

Deadlines vary by school.  Please check the Careers Services office.  



Oliver Wyman looks for initiative, intuition and creativity with a strong background in problem solving and analytics.   We do not require a specific academic major or industry experience and we value extracurricular activities and evidence of leading an interesting and impactful life outside of studies/work.  One of the best things we can do for our clients and ourselves is to recruit a diverse group of people who bring a broad range of strengths and backgrounds to their roles. Typically, interns are in their penultimate year of study.  Please note:  U.S. Work Authorization is required for U.S. office locations.