How to Apply

Application Process

Before a candidate applies, we suggest you visit to review your school's resource page and/or the local office page of interest to see if either lists a specific application process. If your school is not listed, or the office does not require a specific process, please apply using our online application at

Once your application is received, we will review it and inform you if you are selected to interview. The online application requires the following:

  • Resume/CV (requirement varies by office)
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Relevant test scores
  • College transcript (requirement varies by institution)
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Application Deadline

Application deadlines vary by school and/or by office. Summer Associate applications are typically due in December/January and Associate Consultant Interns in January/February. Please check for more information.


Global Recruiting
131 Dartmouth Street
Boston, MA 02116


There are two types of internships at Bain & Company:

Associate Consultant Intern (ACI) - Top-performing undergraduate students (typically between their third and fourth year) at a well-known institution and master's candidates considering a management consulting career after graduation should apply to be an ACI.

Summer Associate (SA) - MBAs or joint-advanced-degree candidates pursuing an MBA (e.g., JD/MBA, MD/MBA) at a well-known institution who would like to experience the real world of consulting while getting insight into what a future with Bain would be like should apply for the SA role.

However, it's not just about GPAs and Magna Cum Laudes. We're looking for all-rounders - independent thinkers who thrive as part of a team. We recognize that everyone is different and everyone will bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the team, but here are the essential skills we'll be looking for...

PROBLEM SOLVING - Strong problem-solving skills may come in the form of team experience, academic achievement, group involvement or personal projects.

THE ABILITY TO LEAD - Demonstrated leadership, whether through work, school or extracurricular activities, frames your application in a favorable light.

RESULTS DELIVERY - We want to see how you've been instrumental in making a quantifiable difference to an organization, project or team's success. And that you're able to present it articulately.

PASSION - Passionate people bring energy to client engagements and to Bain, helping both groups achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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