How to Apply

Application Process

Accenture typically conducts its internship recruiting between October and March. Interested students apply through their campus career center as well as the Accenture website where they complete an online form and submit their resume. Selected candidates then proceed to first and final round interviews that take place on campus and/or in a local Accenture office.

Application Deadline

Internship applications are typically due in the fall timeframe. Students should check with their career center to find specific deadlines for their campus. For school campuses that we do not visit, students may apply online at and search by keyword "intern" to find open Summer Analyst positions.


Accenture US Recruiting
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105


Internships at Accenture are available for students who have completed their first year of undergraduate study or first year of advanced degree study. We look for students that demonstrate leadership, strong academic performance, motivation and involvement on campus, and have an interest in a future consulting career. Our Accenture Student Empowerment Program also offers internship opportunities, among other mentoring benefits, for female and diverse freshman, sophomores and juniors. All Internships based in the United States require proper work authorization.