How to Apply

Application Process

All applicants participate in a 5-step process. The first meeting is an initial phone call where they will learn the basic overview of the program from the recruiter. If the student is qualified, they'll sit down with an executive for a one on one interview to ask questions and go over the details of the program from start to finish. If we feel the student would do well, they enter the research phase where they will be given info about our company background, awards, press and we'll have them interview past interns about their experience. We then conduct a 20-minute phone interview to go over the research phase. The last step is an interview with the vice president who will make a final hiring decision.

Interested applicants can apply to find out more here:

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Application Deadline

March 30th


Heather Cota
1682 Langley Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 888-450-9675


Each selected manager will oversee the marketing, sales, management, and customer relations of a house painting business in their hometown.

It's very important the student demonstrates excellent communication skills and a tremendous work ethic.