How to Apply

Application Process

At the schools where we recruit on campus, applications should be submitted through the school's career management system. For all other schools, applications can be submitted through our company website. Required materials include a resume and cover letter, and in some cases a transcript.

Application Deadline

At the schools where we recruit on campus, application deadlines vary - please check your school's career management system for more information. For all other schools, the application deadline is October 16, 2016 for Summer Analysts and January 8, 2017 for Summer Associates.


Randi Brown
55 E 52nd Street
New York, NY 10055


Our Summer Analyst program is for rising seniors and our Summer Associate program is for 1st year MBA students. We look for candidates who demonstrate the "whole package" - academic achievement, leadership activities and relevant work experience, in addition to personal interests outside of work and school. We have no work authorization restrictions.