How to Apply

Application Process

Candidates can submit their applications and résumés by deadlines which vary by school; students are encouraged to check with career services on specific school dates. Also, applications are submitted online via our careers site ( We select top candidates to interview after reviewing résumés and applications. Candidates are notified of admission to the internship program by the end of March, and the program begins in June.

Application Deadline

Application deadlines vary by school and students are encouraged to check with career services on specific school dates. All candidates must apply via our website as well. For schools where we are unable to come to campus, please check our website as dates vary per program.


Laura Cushing
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10172


  1. Highly developed critical thinking, problem solving and analytic skills
  2. Ability to deliver results and communicate effectively in a team environment
  3. Natural ability to synthesize complex data into a simplistic, clear and concise presentation for senior leads to make informed business decisions
  4. Demonstrated passion and successful leadership gained either through academic, extra curricular or work experiences
  5. Ability to travel domestically for business or training
  6. Permanent U.S. work authorization is required
  7. On track from a BA or BS in a related business major

Candidates must demonstrate academic strength; GPA 3.2. We also look for candidates who can display strong teamwork, communication skills and a high energy level. An aptitude for numbers is a must though we do consider non-business majors. For track specific requirement, visit