How to Apply

Application Process

While SS&G accepts internship applications on a rolling basis via their website, the firm typically begins recruiting for busy season interns in early fall when their target universities host accounting internship career fairs. All campus recruiting and on-campus interview events are posted on the firm's internship website. Students who attend one of the universities that SS&G recruits at must apply for the internship by submitting a resume through the university's career services site in order to be considered for an on-campus interview.

Each of the universities that SS&G recruits at has a designated recruiter for that particular school. The assigned recruiter for each of the target schools is the individual who conducts on-campus interviews at that university and is the main point of contact for any questions or concerns that students may have during the entire fall recruiting process.

After meeting with students at career fairs, the firm conducts on-campus interviews and brings students into one of their offices for a half-day office visit as the final round of interviews. At SS&G office visit day, students have the opportunity to mingle with directors over either breakfast or lunch and listen to presentations about the firm and internship before interviewing with staff from either the firm's audit or tax departments. Students also have the opportunity to mingle with each other and potentially meet some of the other students they may intern with during the coming busy season. After SS&G office visit day is complete, hiring decisions and internship offers are made rather quickly. All internship offers are usually extended no later than mid-late October.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis however all offers for the upcoming spring semester are typically extended no later than mid-late October.


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The busy season internship at SS&G is a full-time internship opportunity where students work approximately 55-60 hours per week. While students are not prohibited from taking classes during the internship, it is strongly recommended that students either take the semester off or take no more than one college course.

In order to be considered for an internship, students should be an accounting major in their junior or senior year of college or pursuing a masters degree; SS&G will consider recent graduates for internship opportunities as well. It is highly recommended that students have taken at least one course in their university's accountancy intermediate series; completing a course in tax and/or audit is also preferred. Students should also have a 3.0 GPA or higher to be considered for the internship.

While SS&G looks at a student's coursework and GPA as part of the internship recruitment process, these are not the only factors taken into consideration when making hiring decisions. The firm also looks for students with experience balancing a busy schedule by either working or holding an on-campus leadership position while taking class. These types of activities require students to be good at multi-tasking, time management, communication, and working with others, all qualities that are important to SS&G.

Since SS&G prides itself on offering interns the same type of work experience as a first year associate, the firm also relies on interns as much as full-time staff. Not only is it important for interns to possess a good work ethic, but it is also essential for interns to want to learn as much as possible during the internship experience.