Telephone and PBX Installers and Repairers

Employment of telecommunications equipment installers and repairers is expected to grow more slowly than the average for all careers through 2022, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Sweeping technological changes are making it possible to install and maintain phone systems with far fewer workers than in the past. New computerized systems are very reliable and have self-diagnosing features that make it easy for repairers to locate problems and replace defective parts. As older, less reliable equipment is taken out of service and new equipment is installed in its place, the need for repairers and installers will decline even further. Once the basic wiring is installed in a building, customers need only buy telephones and plug them into jacks wherever they want them. Customers can readily do some interior wiring and installation work without any help from the telephone company. These effects may be offset, however, by increased demand for a variety of services from phone and cable companies, including upgrading internal lines in businesses and homes and wiring new homes with fiber optic lines. The wide use of the Internet and fax machines has led to a number of homes with multiple lines. Because much business is now conducted through telephone lines, repairs during storms and other emergencies must be done more quickly and efficiently, requiring the skills of experienced installers and repairers.  

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